Full Council Meeting Civic Hall 7pm .

Special Council Meeting Minutes 21st December 2022 Full-Council-Agenda-12th-January-2023 Item 7a estimated out-turn 2022 2023 Full Council Minutes 9th November 2022 BUDGET 2023 2024 https://youtu.be/CmY9KhIRZpc

Allotments Meeting Civic Hall 7pm

Civic Hall Station Road, Barnoldswick, Lancashire

Allotments Agenda 17th August 2022 Allotments Minutes 16th March 2022

Full Council Meeting 25th May 2022 7pm

Full Council Agenda 25th May 2022 Full Council 6th April 2022 Please note the change of venue to The Civic Hall for this meeting.  

Full Council Meeting 7pm Rainhall Centre

Full Council Agenda - 9th March 2022 Special Council Minutes 9th February 2022 Full Council Minutes 12th January 2022 https://youtu.be/fJGM-pZmDC8

Full Council Meeting

Full Council Minutes 8th September 2021 agenda item 4 Full Council Agenda - 10th November 2021

Planning Meeting

Planning Agenda 15th September 2021

Full Council Meeting

Full Council Agenda - 8th September 2021 Informal special meeting of the Council 25th August 2021 Informal meeting of the Full Council 14th July 2021 Full Council Minutes 16th June 2021

Allotments Meeting

Allotments Agenda 9th June 2021 Allotment Minutes 4th March 2021