Full Council 7pm Civic Hall

Full Council Agenda 8th May 2024 Full Council Minutes 10th April 2024 https://youtube.com/live/t2ynjChx0dQ?feature=share

Allotment Meeting

Allotment Agenda 23rd April 2024 This meeting will follow an inspection of the plots by the committee so the start time will depend upon how long it takes to do the inspection...

Full Council 7pm The Civic Hall

Full Council Minutes 10th January 2024<a Full Council Agenda - 13th March 2024 https://youtube.com/live/9CBhQbQQ0Wo?feature=share

General Purposes 7pm Civic Hall

GP Minutes 13th December 2023 GP Agenda 14th February 2024 https://youtube.com/live/N2sm2pKDw5Y?feature=share

Full Council Meeting 7pm Civic Hall

https://youtube.com/live/pd7Fu2YibXo?feature=share Barnoldswick Town Council The Civic Hall, Station Road, Barnoldswick, BB18 5NA Tel: 01282 788090 3rd January 2024 TO: Members of the Full Council and press. You are summoned to attend a meeting of the Full Council to be held on Wednesday 10th January 2024 at 7pm, at The Civic Hall, Barnoldswick for the purpose…

General Purposes 7pm Civic Hall

GP Agenda 1th December 2023 https://youtube.com/live/N2sm2pKDw5Y?feature=share GP Minutes 9th August 2023

Full Council Meeting 7pm Civic Hall

Full Council Agenda 8th November 2023 Full Council Minutes 13th September 2023 https://youtube.com/live/RGEOLE6ARwI?feature=share

Full Council Meeting 7pm Civic Hall

Full Council Agenda 13th September 2023 Full Council Minutes 28th June 2023 https://youtube.com/live/T2FDpbxC_TI?feature=share

General Purposes

https://youtube.com/live/mq_9Rag32vc?feature=share GP Agenda 9th August 2023 GP Minutes 14th June 2023

Barnoldswick in Wonderland 25th March 2023

Barnoldswick magically comes to life for a second year of "Barnoldswick in Wonderland" Fans of Lewis Carroll's timeless classic, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," are in for a treat as Barnoldswick town centre transforms into a whimsical wonderland for an immersive experience like no other. The event, inspired by the beloved tale, will take place on…